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Kerry Shirts Return

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Thanks Cal and Ray.......... I am really just making enemies on Facebook these days, so I thought I'd come back and see if I can add to the total - LOL! Hey how do I add those cool little face thingy's?

First, you take both of your cheeks and you pull them out. You then stick your tongue out, and cross your eyes.

At least, it works for me. :crazy:

Welcome back, Kerry!

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I honestly don't think I look on anyone as an enemy.......I am being facetious concerning the responses to my political cartoons I draw for Facebook........ some are not very nice, but they are true......

I know me too.

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Almost tempts me to sign up for facebook

Oh, you must sign up for Facebook!! It's a whole other world of distraction and drama! :D

Kerry probably doesn't recognize me under this name, but I am a big fan of his on Facebook. Being the misguided socialist that I am, I LOVE his cartoons! :P

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You know I will never ever manage to do another single thing besides talk on the internet if I sign up for anything else. I swore myself to only this board and FAIR and barely manage to have enough time to eat and sleep as it is.

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Yeah, I hear ya!

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It's interesting how friendships can develop on Facebook. You start networking with who you know and before you know it, you find something in common with a friend of a friend of a friend, and so forth and your friends list just starts growing exponentially. You have to get out there and use it, though, Papa. You can also look up old friends, highschool/college friends, people you've lost contact with over the years, etc. It's fun. :)

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