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Book Reviews For Greg Kofford Books


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Hey everyone,

I'm working for Greg Kofford Books currently, and we're tossing around the idea if anyone at the Board wants free copies of some our books to write reviews.

Unfortunately, the Greg Kofford Books account doesn't yet have enough posts to start a new topic to discuss this.

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Apparently the Greg Kofford Books account is unable to reply to this post either.

We are interested in seeing what kind of discussions can be engendered with in-depth (though not necessarily polemical) reviews posted on this board of some of our recent (http://www.gregkoffo...ks/new-releases) and forthcoming (http://www.gregkoffo...oks/forthcoming) books. If you are interested, please send a private message to the Greg Kofford Books account (http://www.mormondia...-kofford-books/).

**Update** the Greg Kofford Books account is currently unable to receive private messages. We will let you know when we can.

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Interesting. Some new book imprint is it?

A few days ago I noticed that Abulafia posted a "like" of Greg Kofford books on Facebook, which was the first time I ever heard of it.

I'd request a review book, but I still haven't finished Zerinus's book "The Grammar of Isaiah" and he would be righfully annoyed with me if I reviewed some other book before his. Maybe I will request a review book anyway, though.

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I am familiar with 'Mormonism and Evolution' and many other books you have listed. I suppose I just did not pay close attention to the publisher. With publishers like yours putting out material, why exactly is it that people are all hot and bothered about FARMS? I would love to do a review but it might not be worth the email it was sent on. Hopefully more qualified prospects than I jump in.

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I don't feel qualified to author a review, but you've started making $$ off of me recently and I suspect I'll be imparting more of my earnings to you in the future! :) :)

I second Calmoriah's gratitude for reissuing "Mormonism in Transition", BTW. I've been kicking myself for not grabbing the last edition, so you've definitely got another sale coming soon!

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