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Mormons Live Longer?


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Seems like just abstaining from tobacco and alcohol, alone, would increase life span.

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Yeah, the LDS that I know seem to struggle a little more with the "good diet" part. :)

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My downfall is the cruel cocoa bean. Now if I could just get a good diet to taste good I'd be set. :lol:

I hear ya! I love chocolate and sweets, in general, so my diet is not always the best, either. :D

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It is rather hypocritical that we have a church activity and then stuff ourselves with candy and fatty foods. But then, a little bit of enticement can't be that bad.

The Mormon idea of "Happy Hour" is a stake potluck.

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I would be interested in a similar study on Seventh-Day Adventists. I bet the results would be similar.

It's been done, and you are right, the results are similar. In fact, due to most Adventists being vegitarian, they live even longer than us carnivorous LDS.

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Well, of course they live longer!

My nonmember mother died at 28, my nonmember father died at 46, his nonmember father died at 40. I'm 60 and apparently going to live to see the 2nd Coming.

Point, set, match.

Hint: all of them were heavy smokers.

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There is a great deal more to quality health and longevity beyond abstaining from coffee, tobacco, and alcohol consumption. Food choices, intake volume, nutritional timing, and quality exercise are all major factors in quality health. The Word of Wisdom might be a quality starting point, but it hardly ensures quality physical well being.

That said, the study is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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