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Venus Transits The Sun


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Yes, and I posted a thread about this in Social Hall (here) because it didn't really seem to deal with Mormon dialogue. :D

My thread gave some instructions on how to view it if your weather etc permitted, and if not, links to a live webevent (NASA) so you could watch it.

Our weather in Washington state is normally not very conducent to astronomy, and while in the event it was possible to view some of the transit here in Olympia (between cloud movements), it was normal work hours here and I watched it intermittently through the lens of the telescopes watching from Mauna Kea in Hawaii -- via the web.

Very interesting!

If you want to see the next Venus transit, well, you will need to go into suspended animation for the next 105 years. Either that or hope medical science can extend lifetimes a bit more than they are now.

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