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Discussion About Black Mormons.

why me

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At the moment it is now on the frontpage. However, if the boardcast is not on the frontpage you should go to the TimesCast archive. Interesting discussion. The Black Mormon discussion begins on 10:50. I have also noticed that the TimesCast on the front page was replaced by an article about Black Mormons which can be found here:


Perhaps you will need to go to the TimesCast archive to see the video or perhaps you can find it connected to the article here:


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On the video, the stat on the numbers sounded ridiculous. The woman estimated 500-2000 black members. That seemed WAY too low. But it was her estimate, so I think it's significant for perception. Another site I found estimated about 3% of the U.S. mormon population, which would roughly estimate to around 180,000. Still a small minority of the pop, but not as small as indicated

Next to that, I found the article overall good.

With luv,


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I too thought the article was quite good... I didn't feel it tried to raise any controversy over previous positions on the priesthood...

Thanks for posting... GG

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