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Advice Please?

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I have recently started going to an LDS church up the street from my house. The whole family loves it, and I am going to start taking their Bible study classes when I return from our vacation.

We are going to be in China for another 3 weeks. I NEED to talk to a religious leader, but I cannot get ahold of one. They Mormon chat on the LDS website will not give me any advice.

I have not been able to control my sexual urges when my wife is not in the mood for sex. I don't watch porn or anything like that, but I've been mastrubating, which I know is a sin. I pray every day for strength, but nothing works! Please help. Any words of guidance would be much appreciated.

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This is not the forum for this discussion either and your thread will be locked as well. It can be dangerous to the individual seeking advice to get it from total strangers who just might not have your best interest at heart. Plus there are trolls who post such things to play game with sincere people who want to help.

Assuming for now that this is a real situation, though I am wondering how you found this board and chose to discuss things here as it is not that type of board.....If there is not a someone there who you value as a spiritual or medical (as it is not unusual for such impulse control problems to be caused by stress and many use sex as a stress reliever) friend you can talk this over with face to face, then my suggestion is to pray for peace and guidance and read your scriptures and deal with it when you get home. The Lord will understand if there are limits in what you can do about it. Anxiety associated with this behaviour contributes to stress so increases the need....so try and think about other things, keep yourself distracted and don't obsess about it or get unnecessarily upset. When you get home there are many things you can do. Figure out what is stressful in your life and try to decrease such. You might want to rule out physical causes. Go talk to a therapist if you think you need outside help. You might go to marriage counseling to help you talk to your wife about it. There are support groups for sex addicts if you think its' that dysfunctional in your life. Talk to the bishop if you feel comfortable doing so and if you feel the need for therapy from a more spiritual outlook, ask him for suggestion.

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As stated above, this forum is not a viable media for assisting you appropriately with this issue. These are personal issues that are best left between your and your spouse first and foremost. Then, should you join the LDS Church, if the problem continues you can talk to your future Bishop and/or a counselor. For three weeks in China don't worry about it.

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