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Conduit 22 will be held May 25-27 at the Downtown Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our special guest this year is actor, author, musician and director Tim Russ.



In addition to our special guest, we have several book-and media tracks and panels, a Dealer's room a Starship Bridge simulator, and several RPG tracks!

This year we'll be seeing Cortex Serenity, Decipher's Star Trek, a d100 based ALIEN'S adventure for the Colonial Marines, and many others!



If you are in the Mountain West, we ask you to come out and support our Con and our special guest.

Remember- Salt Lake is only a few hours away from most anywhere you'd want to be!

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If I send you my mobile emitter can I trust you to turn me on for the con?

Oh- a hologram joke! Took me a minute.

You know- I've been trying for three minutes now to fashion a response that doesn't sound salacious.

No luck so far....

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About a month ago, I approached someone and said "Wow, you really look like..." I was cut off mid sentence and told "Please don't say 'Jordy'", I replied back "No, I was not going to say Jordy, I was going to say 'Lavare Burton'" the person then looked at me curiously and said "Who is that?" I laughed and said "Jordy Laforge".

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