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Two Mormon Women Who Want To Save Money...

why me

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I thought that this was interesting. Two Mormon women who are experts with coupons. They find it helpful to make ends meat. I don't think that they are the type who depend on church welfare. I think that their blog must be interesting. For all those out there struggling...perhaps their blog can help.


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Having managed a grocery store in Utah, I found some interesting things about couponing.

1) if you are dedicated and organized you can save a lot of money. Typically this means holding the coupons for items until they go on sale. Combined with double-coupon promotions, you can really clean up.

2) the coupon-queens were some of the WORST customers we had: The "try to get something for next to nothing" mentality meant that they were always trying to push the system. Like using a coupon for Betty Crocker cake mix when they were buying the on-sale Duncan Hines. Trying to use both a manufacturers coupon and an in-ad coupon on the same item. Buying 10 of an item when they were marked with a smaller limit. Using a coupon that was for a larger size item on a smaller one. Using out of date coupons. And sometimes just Handing you a bunch of coupons for items that they weren't buying.

Some of that went away when the coupons started getting bar codes that were linked to the items, but they were still some of the most belligerent customers we had.

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I think grocery stores should have a special line for couponers. I hate being behind them in line because it takes forever, and there's usually no way to tell they are couponers until they whip out the coupon book after the groceries are rung up. It isn't the customer's fault though--if the store offers the coupons, they should provide a way for it to not be such an inconvenience to the non couponing customers.

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