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Rcc Priest Says He Has Mormons Figured Out


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Here's a little article about us from a good father writing for Catholic



Ostensibly, it's about Mitt, but the gist is that we fit neatly into three categories:

-Wild eyed fanatics

-Mindless sheep

-Smart people who have seen the light but are just hanging around for the funeral potatoes.

I'm kind of disapointed to see such ignorance in a RCC priest. I don't expect agreement with our doctrines, but I hope for better than this.

I have a feeling we will be seeing lots of articles like this in the next several months, however.

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He talks about three modes of Mormonism, doesn't even mention Romney (whom he places in only one of the modes he's described) until the last three paragraphs. Don't see how that is specifically addressing Romney.

Nor does he provide any evidence of his claim about Romney.

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It's obvious that this RCC priest doesn't believe modern day presidents necessarily actually practice their faith. IMO, JFK was a cafeteria Catholic due to his drinking and womanizing since these two issues were looked down upon. It was an interesting opinion piece worth some popcorn at best.

In regards to understanding Mormons, they have this extreme desire in humanizing God that has been given them through divine revelation. Catholics, OTOH, are content in having the nature of God in being a 'mystery.' For us, if it wasn't a 'mystery' it wouldn't be divine and therefore it must be man-made.

My 2 cents

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