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I wanted to make a book recommendation called Freedom Journeys: The Tale of Exodus and Wilderness Across Millenia by Rabbi Arthur O. Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis O. Berman.

It talks about the Exodus in light of today's world for one thing.

But honestly when I was reading it, I was getting a spiritual subtext from "my side" regarding our entry into mortal life as The Exodus.

Either way, a lovely book.

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Israel was released from Pharaoh's bondage, solely by the might of Yahweh's arm. I see this often understood as a foreshadowing of Jesus' salvific work: humanity is released from bondage solely by the action, grace, and mercy of God. Given this understanding, wouldn't entry into the post-mortal life make more sense as an Exodus? Here one falls under the influence of Satan and sin (not necessarily bondage, as one is freed from that when he enters relationship with God). Saying that leaving a pre-mortal state seems to draw parallels between God and Pharaoh, heaven and Egypt, which doesn't sound quite right in my mind.

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I see what you are saying about the problems of equating God and Pharoah.

However, I would add that when the Israelites left Egypt they were not free. Or, rather, they now had a political freedom so to speak. But did they know what to do with it? Were they truly free? No. That came later after 40 years of chastening, then they became prepared to enter the promised land. So, again, being here on earth might be that 40 years of chastening. We are born "free"--yet, really? we're babies. We have to come to another freedom based on the atonement and reaching into eternal life. Anyway, hmmmm, will think further.

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