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Feedback From A Mission President


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My daughters last pday email, rather than the usual newsy report, was just this side of frantic. Basically, her companion was threatening to leave and go home, she felt helpless and overwhelmed by the circumstance. I'll spare everyone the details.

Since it was unclear if her companion had notified the MP, and it seemed plausible, given what she described, that there might be at least emotional coercion going on to prevent my daughter from calling it in as well, I felt that it was important to ensure that the MP was in the loop.

First, I discovered that mission phone numbers are nowhere to be found on lds.org, so I called South Temple and spoke to a brother in the Missionary Dept. to get a number to the mission office. The nice sister at the office said she would pass on my message.

Two minutes later, my cell rang. It was the MP. After assuring me that he was aware of the situation and dealing with it, he took a moment to thank me for sending out our daughter, telling me that one of the things that made the situation so hard on her was that she was probably the most tenderhearted sister he had serving. When he said "She is so humble and obedient, I wish I had a whole mission full of sisters like her", I almost choked up on the phone. I don't think I was ever prouder of her.

After I thanked him and hung up, I realize that most parents only communicate with the MP through a release letter. Although I wish the situation had not happened, and I had never felt the need to call the office, getting such a wonderful "mid-mission" report from a mission president was a nice unexpected gift, and well, it was pretty cool.

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You hearing that will make it easier I think for you to help your child, that kind of recognition can really give one strength, especially when you know the important people in your life know about it.

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Missions cant be tough in dealing with other missionaries and their cultures. Kudos for your daughter and the MP.

A few weeks ago I met up with a good friend and we all started talking about some of our more wild mission stories. HAHA! It was awesome.

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