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Is It Ok To Offer Free Book On This Site??

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I have about 35 books, almost all LDS and almost all from the 60's-80's that I'd like to give to anyone who wants them. They are free except for the shipping. I'll list them all once I know it's ok, but here are some that I offered up to my ward that they didn't want...

Commentary on the Book of Mormon Vol. 1-5 by Reynolds and Sjodahl - Hardcover, 1962

The Greatest Quest by Blaine and Benton Yorgason - Hardcover 1987

Only with Love by Shirley Sealy - Hardcover, a novel about LDS teens going through rebellion the path back. Written in 1978

The Mission of Jesus the Messiah by E. Keith

Howick - Hardcover 1990

A Study Guide for The Pearl of Great Price by H. Donl Peterson.

This is a softcover BYU Religion class study guide from 1979

The Gospels Made Whole: One complete story of Jesus Christ using the King James version of the Bible and LDS scriptures

by Todd G. Andersen - Softcover

Non LDS Books:

Selections from American Literature compiled by Leonida Warren Payne, Jr. - Hardcover Copyright 1919, 1928 edition.

Including selections from Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry W. Longfellow, Henry David Thoreau, Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and many others.

Acupuncture Revisited - Clinical Acuology by I-Yen Yang, M.D. with Star Yin. - Softcover Very comprehensive 500+ page book acupuncture and other things dealing with Chinese medicine.

Getting the Most out of Life: 25 years worth of helpful articles from Reader's Digest published in 1946 - Hardcover

Cassell's Spanish English Dictionary - Softcover

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I sent a PM request for dibs on the Eugene England book for the record :)

I sent you a reply. Thanks. So I guess that means it's ok??

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Here are a few more...

Marriage and Family Stewardships by Wesley R. Burr, Brenton Yorgason and Terry R. Baker - Hardcover - 1982 First printing

Youth and the Church by Harold B. Lee - Hardcover - 1970 First printing

Live it Up! by Mark E. Petersen - Hardcover - 1972

Priesthood in Action: Aaronic Priesthood Stories From the New Era - Harcover - 1986 First printing

The Three Infinities: To Know, To Do, To Be by Sterling W. Sill - Hardcover - 1969 First printing

First things First by Stephen R. Covey - Hardcover - 1994

The First 2000, 3rd thousand and 4th thousand years by W. Cleon Skousen - Hardcover (3 books)

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