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Need Prayers

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Hey all, things are a bit stressful for me. We will be having our first baby (a girl) in august, and I will be graduating with my masters in social work in may. I'm just really nervous about getting a job, and have had a hard time feeling optimistic with all the uncertainty of what will happen when I graduate. For some reason I've always been a natural pessimist, and I need to get over that. I've been trying to get some things set up for when I graduate (job wise) but nothing has really worked out yet. Please keep me in your prayers.

Also, my uncle (who has had a really tough life) recently was diagnosed with a severe kidney and bladder infection, so if you could keep him in your prayers as well that would be great!

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Hello boblloyd91...

Prayers ascending from here as I type... do you live near a temple that you can put your names on the prayer roll?

I want to first tell you how happy I am to hear of your sweet little expected daughter... then to encourage you in regard to your job search. Try to be positive... fast and pray with purpose... I don't have to tell you how difficult these times are for so many people. Many here on the board face similar situations, trying to find positions in their fields. So I encourage you to keep faith, and not give up. Prayers...


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What an exciting time, Bob! Congratulations all around and prayers for your continued success, by finding a great career opportunity out there, somewhere. Just keep looking. Your perfect job is out there waiting.

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