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Scriptures, Church History & Racism (Blacks In The Scriptures)

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First - I understand that this is my first post... and that I DID read the rules regarding "race bait" in the other forum. As such, I will post this topic to aid in helping in race relations and doctrinal understanding within the LDS church. (I'm a forum moderator for another LDS forum, so I understand the concerns.)

At least once a month, a forum member will ask about what certain scriptures mean, LDS Church history and Official Declaration 2.

I have normally participated (sometimes got kinda 'heated') in such threads. These are real concerns because it's not just a race issue... it's the core of our doctrine and beliefs. We believe in living prophets and that this is the restored and true church of Jesus Christ.

As a member of the African American Outreach Program - a member-missionary proselyting program organized by Brother Marvin Perkins, I help assist members who have such questions. I have been privileged to help a few enter the waters of baptism - both online and offline.

My mother grew up in the Church. She always had questions about this issue. When she was in an LDS bookstore, she saw a copy of the Blacks in the Scriptures DVDs. She picked it up and saw the sticker price ($40)... and promptly put it back. The spirit told her, "You've been looking for answers on this issue your whole life... and you're going to let $40 stop you?" She bought it.

I believe that when the members are thirsty enough for the knowledge, just as a non-member becomes thirsty for the gospel, then that member is ready to hear this message. There isn't anything that I or anyone else can say until one is ready to hear it.

This DVD series has been instrumental in helping members and investigators to understand what the brethren want us to understand in the scriptures and to have a resource to turn to when they "hear something".

The intention of the DVD series is so that the message can be communicated in a uniformed way, each and every time.

The fact that this issue exists is another proof that the church is true.

There will ALWAYS be a reason to doubt the church - whether it is polygamy, the authenticity of The Book of Mormon or any other matter. This particular matter is a big one... and there are answers to help those with a searching heart.

Now, is this "official" from the Church? No. It is not produced by the church. However, all General Authority images are used with permission (actual disclosure on the DVD case). The church has never discouraged the distribution of these presentations.

When you click the link below, there's a "download" button at the top right side.

Blacks in the Scriptures Scripture Resource

In addition, you can start a new thread, you can contact me via PM, you can also contact the Blacks in the Scriptures website and ask your questions directly to Marvin Perkins. (He often has better answers than I come up with as well.)

After studying these things out in your mind (D&C 9:7-9), please pray about what you have learned. Don't take my word, or Brother Perkin's word. Just because he's on a DVD doesn't mean that it's "absolutely correct". (Playing devil's advocate here.)

This is not the only information on the subject. There are others. However, this seems to be the easiest to share, and the most comprehensive in the presentation of the material.

It is my testimony that as many can be touched by this message and can share the truths of it with others, the more souls we can bring into the Gospel and bring a spirit of clarity and love, where there once was darkness and confusion.


Note: Should you decide to purchase the DVD, I have no financial involvement in the Blacks in the Scriptures website. Please also know that lds.net or The More Good Foundation has no connection to the Blacks in the Scriptures website.

Additional Resources:

In addition, as it was discussed previously on the forum, the link below is to the article by Edward L. Kimball about how the 1978 revelation on the priesthood came about. At the time of this post, the article is free. Just click on the PDF logo.


This is a recent LIVE fireside held in October, 2011. This is an audio recording only, and it's pretty long... but it shows a live interaction with the congregation. This is a MUST LISTEN! Very conversational and less 'lecture' style. Yes, it's 3 hours long... but it's GOOD!

The Doctrine of Christ - D. Todd Christofferson, April, 2012 General Conference

The Doctrine of Christ - general-conference

Couple of highlights:

Quote: At the same time it should be remembered that not every statement made by a Church leader, past or present, necessarily constitutes doctrine. It is commonly understood in the Church that a statement made by one leader on a single occasion often represents a personal, though well-considered, opinion, not meant to be official or binding for the whole Church. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “a prophet [is] a prophet only when he [is] acting as such.”5

Quote: President Clark, quoted earlier, observed:

“To this point runs a simple story my father told me as a boy, I do not know on what authority, but it illustrates the point. His story was that during the excitement incident to the coming of [Johnston’s] Army, Brother Brigham preached to the people in a morning meeting a sermon vibrant with defiance to the approaching army, and declaring an intention to oppose and drive them back.

In the afternoon meeting he arose and said that Brigham Young had been talking in the morning, but the Lord was going to talk now. He then delivered an address, the tempo of which was the opposite from the morning talk. …

“… The Church will know by the testimony of the Holy Ghost in the body of the members, whether the brethren in voicing their views are ‘moved upon by the Holy Ghost’; and in due time that knowledge will be made manifest.”6 The Church issued two official statements regarding racism, both inside and outside of the church:

The Church and Race: "All Are Alike Unto God"

Changes on LDS.org in regards to chapter headings and footnotes:

Changes to chapter headings & footnotes on LDS.org

Address by Bruce R. McConkie where he said "Forget everything I have said..."

“All Are Alike unto God” - Bruce R. McConkie

The Law of Common Consent within the LDS Church: (If you listen to the live fireside recording in Nevada, you'll see how this fits into the topic)

Doctrine and Covenants Institute Student Manual - Section 26 - The Law of Common Consent


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The early Christian church also went through a crucible, but their's was related to Jewish law and the gentiles. "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord." The Lord's church is probably not done going through crucibles :)

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