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Racial Tension In America | Turn To The Book? Were The Words Right?

Racial Tenson | Lamanite curse of Ham?   

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  1. 1. Do you feel like there is a race war starting? Curse of Ham real?

    • Race war is starting - Curse of Ham is in book, book is truth, CoH is true.
    • Race war isn't starting - Curse of Ham is not true.
    • GO ROMNEY!!!!

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Lil Zim was brutally attacked by a thug, gold teeth drugdealer -- and defending himself in a case of life and death -- took a criminals life. Obama says victim is his son.


White child who had his father killed by blacks, goes on black slaying. Media says black people are being hunted, Obama suggests we all read To Kill a Mockingbird, where white people are evil, black people are innocent.


Mormon Romney against Black incumbent Obama. If Mormon Romney win, will Black incumbent

incite race into the mix.

Will this cause a race war? Was the text right about the Lamanites?

Was the curse of Ham real?

Should we think about going back to original theology?

Hope everyone is well,

-Kevin 'Stab'

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