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The Mormon Candidate Bbc Documentary-Seen It?


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Hey all, so I'm watching the BBC documentary The Mormon Candidate, which basically attempts to talk about Mitt Romney and his Mormon beliefs. I'm not finished yet, but so far, it really has been a good laugh. From the confusing of meetinghouses and temples (in one instance, Sweeney points to the Boston Temple and says that that's where Romney used to be a bishop!) , the interviewing of an ex-Mormon who claims that she got her "magic pants" (garments) on her wedding day,then woke up one day and realized that she didn't know what the markings on it meant (claiming that it is a "pagan cultish thing", another one saying that there is a figurehead at the head of the church that members essentially worship, to a number of other issues, this documentary really has been good amusement for me. If anyone is interested, it's on Youtube.

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