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Is The Fate Of The Wicked A Forgone Conclusion?

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The teachers manual, "Preparing for Exaltation", Lesson 7 discusses what happens after death. Concerning the righteous spirit's mission to the wicked spirits in the spirit world, it includes a quote given by Elder Bruce R McConkie. He said, "Now that the righteous spirits in paradise have been commissioned to carry the message of salvation to the wicked spirits in hell,there is a certain amount of mingling together of the good and bad spirits. Repentance opens the prison doors to the spirits in hell; it enables those bound with the chains of hell to free themselves from darkness, unbelief, ignorance, and sin. As rapidly as they can overcome these obstacles—gain light, believe truth, acquire intelligence, cast off sin, and break the chains of hell —they can leave the hell that imprisons them and dwell with the righteous in the peace of paradise” (Mormon Doctrine, 2nd ed. [1966], 755).

My question(s): Even in death, do the wicked have one final opportunity to repent and improve their station in life? To me, from reading this quote, it illustrates that Heavenly Father's love is stubborn and He refuses to give up on the wicked and continues to reach out to them through the ministrations of righteous spirits. Joseph Smith taught that Heavenly Father is more boundless in His mercies than we are willing to believe or receive. I believe the above quote reinforces the idea that it is never too late to repent and that, while the wicked who repent may not receive the highest reward, remaining in spirit prison for the entire duration of the millenium while they pay for their sins is not a forgone conclusion. They too can choose to repent, enter paradise, and at least be worthy of a terrestrial glory. Don't the inhabitants of the terrestrial kingdom include those who reject the Gospel but later accept it in the spirit world? What do you think?

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Everyone except those who go to Perdition repent and accept the gospel at some level. Having just repented today I can't see God, being no respecter of persons, forcing someone else to endure hell (which is worse then the remorse I endured today) longer then it takes to get them to repent.

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In agreement with Nehor, I would say that my Father in Heaven is a parent who's motivation is not to punish but to discipline his children. He does not want us to suffer a minute longer than what it takes to humble us. Everything we are given is for our sake, I believe, even hell.

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My question(s): Even in death, do the wicked have one final opportunity to repent and improve their station in life?

Even in death, God does not abandon his children. No one is ever discarded or forgotten by God. Even the prayers of the most wicked will still be heard. But the question shouldn't be whether God gives a final opportunity to repent, the question is when do the wicked abandon God? Will they still have the ability to desire that opportunity to repent or will their hearts be made of stone when the missionaries reach them in death? Repentance gets harder the longer you wait.

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I think God as the Greatest Teacher will be able to figure out how to turn what others might see as punishment and what satisfies the eternal laws as well into a chance to learn in a positive way, to experience something new that life or our own choices did not allow us to be exposed to. Just think of a celestial version of community service for punishment and restitution and imagine just how far that could go.

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Why would a Father want to punish His children?

Why would a God of truth lie to us when he said this?

39 For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

He does not desire that anyone should perish, although, if we willingly rebel against Him, He, in His mercy (and, I believe, to His sadness—Enoch tells us that He wept over His lost children), He allows us to do whatever dumb thing we choose to do.


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