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The Cult Of Anti-Mormonism

Bill “Papa” Lee

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Here is an article in the news with a political slant, but in Utah (especially in SLC) there is a “Cult of Anti-Mormonism”. These are people who have uprooted family to move to Utah, just to witness to Mormons. Then of course there are the ones who just show up twice a year and will this weekend. I know a number of them by name, always men who seek a ministry. They also fight and scrabble over where they will get to stand where outside Temple Square, the method of how to minister to Mormons, air time on TV and politicking for an opportunity to speak from the pulpit at Anti-Mormon Conferences.

I wish the title of this thread were mine, but I got it from this link…


One of these members of the “Cult of Anti-Mormonism” goes on line to ask for money to move to Utah, to take trips, money to buy a new computer so he can continue his work. Many of you know some of them, armed with video cameras to take home and edit. Many have sock puppets here, multiple accounts so they can control arguments.

They have become what they oppose they claim to oppose. Also there is a lot of money to be made in this cult; a lot!

If any Mormon were to become President, the usual protesters would be replaced by this...


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Not placing my faith in a book but in the principles it contains... I think I would have a little fun with protesters burning a Book of Mormon and walk up with a marshmallow on a stick.

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I any one cares....those who state their intent to protest GC and do not first apply for a permissionmit, to be issued by SLC, are in violation of SLC ordinances. The exemption to the permit requirements is spontaneous assembly, so next time someone states they are going to protest, ask if they have a permit and ask if they believe in following the law.

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