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When Middle Names Are Used You’Re In Trouble…

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I was watching TV yesterday and a commercial came on where a guy is contemplating breaking in line in a restaurant and his grandmother slaps his hand and says “Joshua David”! It was funny because the only time my wife used middle names when our children were growing up was when the kids were in trouble. Anyway my son is “Joshua David” so I found it amusing.

Take a look…


While laughing at this, two of my granddaughters started fighting over a toy…so my wife yells out their first and middle names so they know she was serious. Now I really start laughing…so she calls me by my first and last name an tells me “Bill Lee” don’t encourage them!

We call one of our granddaughters “Addie Kate”, so she only knows she is in trouble when called “Adeline”.

Did your Mom’s or Dad’s ever use this tactic?

My mother used it on my brothers and sister...never on me I was named after my bio-father who turned out to be a bigamist, I was later adopted so at least I was no longer a "Jr".

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Of course you know when the kid is in trouble, it's YOUR kid, not your wife's.

Very true...the middle name use usually follows with; "you know where he or she got that from?" Or ""He's your son"! I wonder if I am in trouble with the "UMW" for this thread.

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