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Excellent Article In The Washington Post! Seamus The Dog/God


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Mitt Romney’s dog/God problem

Mitt Romney has a palindrome problem. In case you happen not to know what a palindrome is, it’s a word or number which reads the same from left to right as it does from right to left. In Governor Romney’s case, the problematic palindrome is Dog/God.

Of course, the “dog” is Seamus, a family pet which the Romney’s took on vacation 25 years ago, riding in a dog carrier, strapped to the top of their station wagon. To me, the amazing thing about this story is that anybody cares!

How is it that everybody from political opponents Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney to comedian David Letterman and journalist Gail Collins are getting so much traction with a totally irrelevant story? We are at war in two foreign countries, have unemployment topping 8 percent, a growing debt and deficit problem, and this story continues to grab our attention. Clearly, something deeper is going on.

However much anyone cares about dogs, and contrary what some people say, dogs are not people too. There is nothing obviously cruel or foolish about what the Romneys did, and that is coming from someone who likes dogs and values my own religious tradition’s mandate to care for animals.

The Seamus story, like God, the other half of Romney’s dog/God palindrome problem, is not so much about either the dog or God as it is about us --American voters. We like to see ourselves in our candidates. We like to identify with them as people, and not only with their political positions.

As Romney detractor and Alabama marketer, Scott Crider, who founded Dogs Against Romney remarked, “It really says this guy is not like us and is mean.” Without commenting on the oddness of founding a group which promotes the notion that dogs either have political views or that humans should care, Mr. Crider’s quote says it all.

After all, to claim that Mr. Romney is mean, no matter how objectionable Crider finds this one action makes no sense. So, it all boils down to the fact that Mr. Crider distressed that Mr. Romney is not like him. And the same can be said for the ongoing questions about Mr. Romney’s Mormonism.

Simply put, one could draw out almost as many meaningful theological distinctions between evangelical Christianity and the Roman Catholic faith of candidates Santorum and Gingrich, as one could between any of those traditions and the Mormon faith followed by Mitt Romney. So why don’t voters do so? Because however different those traditions may be, most Americans have come to see all but the latter as ones with which they can identify, even if they don’t always agree.


I REALLY love how this reporter takes what appears to be a negative against Romney and makes it a negative against the person who would use the Dog story as a reason for not voting for Romney.

Scott Cider reminds me of those city dwellers I used to shake my head at on my mission in Portugal, who took their dogs out for a walk and followed behind them with a wad of toilet paper and actually cleaned the dog off after they did their business. Talk about worshipping an animal!

Ok thats my two threads for the day.

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Actually I can understand cleaning the dog's butt off solely because that butt gets stuck into one's face from time to time. And better TP than a tongue that is then used to lick one.....

Now using the softest TP because you are concerned that the dog might find others too rough...that is going a bit too far.

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