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Happy Pi Day


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π ≈ 3.1415926538979

If we assign the first digit to the month, the second and third digits to the day, and subsequent digits as fractions of a day, we end up with "Pi" day being March 14 at 3:49:20.52624.

I wasn't up then.

If, however, we assign the fourth and fifth digits to the hour, the sixth and seventh digits to the minute, and the eighth and subsequent digits to the second (including decimal fractions of a second), we get a minor inconsistency: March third remains valid, and 1500 hrs (three PM for those who can't count past twelve), but only the French of the late XVIII had an hour with 100 minutes. Whatever 92 minutes means, we have something over 65 seconds (another thing the metric clocks of Revolutionary France had).

Just funnin' you all. I ate pie yesterday at ~1400 hrs: that's when the party was.


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