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Deleted Messages In Messenger


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For some reason, there suddenly appeared in my Messenger the notation of "Deleted" by about a dozen, apparently randomly chosen messages. I had not quite maxed out my memory and the "deletion" did not even affect that, but merely prevented me from responding to a new message that I hadn't even read yet (well, not there, I had read it in an email).

Anyone else have this happen to them or am I special?

I did clean out some of the chit chat to open up more room in the memory, but the "deleted" messages didn't actually delete unless I deleted them myself and it seems unlikely that it was from the senders of the comments because several were from people who haven't posted in ages and others were from current, ongoing conversations.

No harm done, just curious is all.

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I noticed one like that in mine and thought maybe the other person was cleaning out their inbox and deleted...I could be wrong though.

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