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How 50 Things Became Important To Me

Jeff K.

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My birthday was Saturday. Nothing too eventful. I was allowed to sleep in, we were scheduled to have the missionaries over for dinner (wife forgot about March 10), and I was told I wouldn't have to do my part of the chores (on that day). For activities we went to the Nixon library (the kit house built by Nixon's dad was very cool), we had been planning to swing by but never got around to it earlier. But it was nice, quiet, not nearly as large as Reagan's though one could argue Reagan built foriegn policy on Nixon's shoulders. But that is neither here nor there....

As we sat down, my wife asked me to pull out my Ipad and look at facebook. It seems the family put together 50 things that make dad great. I had to guess who said which one.... and the missionaries laughed as we went through them (not in any order mind you). But as I look at them, I have a chance to see how my family sees me, and what they think is important, and what makes me great. To me this is the best gift they could have given me.

So I thought I should share it:

Here are 50 things the family loves about you!

1. Burning Hunk of love/bed warmer

2. Best stories EVER!

3. Your driving

4. You did the Mud Run

5. You take us out to eat

6. You gave me strong hands from massages

7. Your the "big dog"

8. Writes best stories

9. Gets the best books

10. You know the best music (even though it isn't all 21st century)

11. You've been all around the world!

12. You're the camera man

13. Best bear growl/snores ;)

14. Take us to the best movies ever

15. Marvel and DC comics fan

16. Best omelets

17. You go to the temple with us

18. You're fearless

19. Great Ideas

20. Best tutor

21. Your very determined

22. You have worked hard to be in your position right now

23. You speak so many languages

24. You're Mr. Camera Man that captures the best moments

25. Your our protector

26. You're our nerd that we absolutely love

27. You can make us laugh whenever

28. You're our priesthood leader

29. #1 at Trivial Pursuit

30. Best bug killer in the family

31. Always sure we're ready for school the next year

32. Drove us to Las Vegas and Utah over the summer

33. You put Lizzie in advanced classes

34. You are nice

35. You are considerate

36. You are loyal to us (and others)

37. You know how to keep guests happy

38. You know all sorts of things

39. Best Camping trips

40. You know how to relax

41. You let jared drive that one time (as horrible as he was at the time)

42. Gives great father's blessings

43. Chauffeur from school and to church

45. Explains Scriptures well

46. The first to come to our rescue

47. Our priesthood leader and example

48. Passionate teacher

49. Political debater

50. A techno geek with a gigantic vocabulary

I like it, it speaks a bit to who I am, not from my experiences, but from what my family thinks of me. There is no present I would want more than those 50 things.

We love you Dad!


Elizabeth , Jared, Johanna, and Kris

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My son's b-day was on Saturday too. I would definitely remove number 3 from the list if we were adapting it for him (he's almost totalled two cars by rearending drivers though no one's been hurt, he gets thinking about other stuff and drives a bit too fast...takes after his dad though his dad doesn't rearend people plus I think he's not getting enough sleep and zoning out a bit...which is like me and why I can't drive for more than an hour safely, he's never done it with someone else in the car which would probably keep him more aware, hopefully he's learned his lesson and is taking precautions).

Congrats on the bday and the loving family.

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