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Little "Broadcast" On Monday, 12 March

Daniel Peterson

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I'll be participating in a live streaming broadcast on The Julia Currey Show on Monday, 12 March, at 12 noon Utah time.

The show can be found at www.JuliaNow.com.

It will probably take a look at the current media focus on blacks and the priesthood and on vicarious baptisms for the dead, and will be available around the world via computer and smartphone at www.JuliaNow.com.

The show starts at noon sharp, Utah time, so, if you get there early, wait for it to pop up live. Be sure to set a reminder for www.JuliaNow.com on Monday, 12 March, at 12 noon Utah time. (And remember that, in the United States, clocks were moved one hour forward early this morning.)

Julia’s shows are archived for viewing anytime after the original broadcast by going to www.JuliaNow.com and clicking on "Past Shows."

Right now, The Julia Currey Show is a very humble little thing, broadcast to a tiny audience from a small little upstairs studio in downtown Provo. I'm experimenting, though, to see whether it might not be a good and easy venue for Maxwell institute and other, similar, folks to communicate with a respectable audience out there. (Remember, a decent-sized fireside might involve a couple of hundred people and at least a couple of hours of travel time. So to reach even a couple of hundred people with essentially no travel time still seems a reasonably attractive option. And the potential audience is considerably larger.)

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