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I live in Abu Dhabi and work as the Managing Director of a company. One of our employees' father lives in Toronto and is in the process of gaining Canadian citizenship for he and his wife. They left their seven year old son here in Al Ain (a sister city) with their older children. This boy has Down's Syndrome and does not quite understand why his parents do not return.

Ibrahim asked me today if I knew anyone in Toronto that would be willing to sponsor his little brother. I am unfamiliar with the demands of sponsorship or the process for doing something similar. I understand what it is to do so in the United Arab Emirates, but it may be different in Canada.

Is there anyone that would be willing to sponsor this boy in coming to Toronto? The folks would then care for their child. They would be willing to compensate you for any expenses and for your effort in assisting them. Please let me know and I will get you in touch with them.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Familial sponsor ship is by far the quickest way.There is a large Arab? community inToronto so they will have info on alternative procedures.

He could commit a crime and then apply for refugee status.That method has worked for many.( said with tongue firmly in cheek)

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