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"Joseph Smith Ministries"


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Just a Restoration interest story, not proselyting...

Joseph F. Smith, great-grandson of Joseph Smith Jr., has started a ministry aimed at bringing some untiy to believers in the Restored Gospel aimed at fostering cooperation towards building the promised Zion. Here is the website for the ministry...


Thoughts on what is presented there?

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The web site needs some work...

Actually, I'm interested in what the CoC and various Restoration Branches think about him, since what he's presenting is more RLDS oriented. Heard anything?

Many of his presentations have been done at Restoration Branches, or in cooperation with Priesthood, associated with the Join Conference of Restoration Branches.

I am pretty sure the CofC has little interest, as their ideas of Zion and obedience to righteous principles has changed/diminished over the last 30 years or so.

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My experiance with the CofC has been that they are so far removed from their restoration roots that they might as well not even be considered a restoration religion. They are by far mor inline with mainline protestantism and evangelicals and seem to want to distance themselves from both Joeseph Simth and the Book of Mormon.

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