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Jailbreaking Your Ipad


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One of my favorite programs allows the removal of the lock screen. I also like the program that allows downloading you tube content and saving it to the device. My wife has been asking for an easy way to do this and she can now use it to show mormon messages to her primary class. Before we had to use a program on our computer and download the video, in many istances the video would have to be converted to the correct format and then we would have to download it to the iPad. Time consuming and the process really didn't appeal to my wife. Now she can open an app and search for any video on youtube and download it in a matter of seconds.

I have been concerned about the legality of jailbreaking a device. I prefer to obey the law and it helps me sleep at night. I am concerned about Apple's attempt to limit the abilities of a device I purchased and force me only buy content that they deem appropriate.

Everytime there is an ios update I will have to wait for the jailbreaking community to devise a fix and then I can upgrade to the new ios and re jailbreak the device. There are apps that store your jalibroken content and allow you to restore it to a device that has downloaded the latest ios update/version.

Does any one have any good apps they recommend for a jailbroken device and would like to tell us about them?

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