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Why I Don'T Watch The News On Tv Anymore

The Nehor

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Reading the news on the internet is not much better, especially with the comments sections. Read any article and you'll find the comments section full of hate and ridicule.

Or at the bottom of the page the suggested links might read: "man eats neighbor; drives car through shopping mall."

The news is a money making business. If you're not outraged, saddened, or shocked, then you're not clicking the link. This leads to an escalation of bizarre, devastating headlines that are covered in the most inflammatory manner possible. It's sick, really. These sites are basically link farms that prey on the human compulsion to care.

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I'll have to watch the video later (looks fun!), but yeah, I agree that the news can be depressing. I go through phases of not wanting to watch the news, but then my conscience chimes in with "Yes, but it's important to be an informed voter," and I end up watching anyway.

One thing I do to try to offset the depressing stuff is check out the science news and human interest stories. Stuff that's fun, interesting, and not depressing. Also, watching the comedians' take on the news can help relieve tension.

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