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Church Owns Gun Sale Website


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The headline is a political hatchet job aimed at Governor "Mormon" Romney. The problem is a made up issue.

The Church in Salt Lake City owns a Salt Lake City newspaper, the paper runs a classified ad section, (are we following the relationship here?) the classified ad section is open which means people who want to trade guns can do so.

The LDS Church is not in the business of arms trading.

I wonder? Where is the comparable outrage over the ATF sending AKs and 50cal. weaponry to Mexico drug cartels free of charge.

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My topic got closed as being political.

Could be my wording, I suppose.


Nope. This is mostly politics. The LDS angle is a side swipe at Romney. This is a perfectly acceptable topic to discuss on blogs - we just want to keep this one about Mormonism and less about Mormons in political races.

Thanks for understanding!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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