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Bloomberg Report Takes Aim At Mormon Church For Online Gun Sales


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Bloomberg Report Takes Aim At Mormon Church For Online Gun Sales

"A church, like any other organization, has the right to raise money," said the person, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for the mayor. "But one would think that a church would feel a special obligation to make sure that they weren't fueling a black market for a particularly deadly form of commerce."

According to the Bloomberg report, KSL.com had the third-most active gun listings of any site on the web during a 100-day period last year (2,713), coming in behind only large specialty firearm sites Gunlistings.org, and Armslist.com, and beating out even Craigslist.

But the real problem isn't the volume, the report's authors say; it's the unregulated nature of KSL.com. While other classifieds sites require users to deal only on their sites with registered and confirmed accounts, KSL makes it easy for buyers and sellers to deal behind closed doors.

From the report:

[On KSL.com] sellers frequently list their contact email and phone number, which are openly displayed on the ad. This feature makes it easy for buyers to contact sellers and arrange to buy a firearm without identifying themselves – a feature that is particularly attractive to unscrupulous purchasers who do not want their purchases detected or recorded. And the website allows visitors to search for items being sold by private individuals who, in contrast to licensed dealers, are not required to conduct background checks.
Brett Atkinson, general manager of the site, insisted that KSL is a "responsible corporate citizen" that cooperates with law enforcement, and "frequently reviews its policies and procedures."

I wonder about scrupulous purchasers who don't ant their purchasers detected or recorded. I know I don't want the state to know if I have any guns (I don't, btw), what kind they are (if I had any), and how many I have (were I to ever get some).

The second amendment to the USmerican Constitution says I have the right to keep and bear arms, and it makes any legal infringement of that right unconstitutional.

So, are we Saints gunrunners, or is that the exclusive domain of the Department of Justice?


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I'm neither a pro-gun nut nor an anti-gun nut. I own one fire arm a Smith and Wesson .44 mag. It is not useful for anything other than to kill people and the occassional rampaging Polar Bear.

The reason behind the Second Amendment was the Founders fear of a standing Army. They wanted a force of armed men available to repel invasion by the British, or an Indian uprising that could be called up on a minutes notice. Thus the Minute Men. They knew darn well which men were armed and with what.

Does that mean that I can have a tactical nuke? Now that to me is ARMED.

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