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How Many Temples Have You Been Too?

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I started counting when I saw a website that had all the pictures of all Temples. I have been too…

London, Temple

Swiss, Temple…sealed in this one.

Atlanta GA

Birmingham AL

Vernal, UT

Nauvoo, IL

Washington, DC

Bountiful, UT

Orlando, FL


Ogden, UT

Provo, UT

I think that is it?

Here is a link to all Temples...


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LImiting my list to just those I have attended as a Temple Patron (as opposed to visiting as a tourist):

Manti - Own endowment

Salt Lake - While in Mission Home (Yes, that dates me somewhat)

Provo - While in the LTM

St. George - Sealed to first wife

Los Angeles - Before we had a temple in San Diego

San Diego - Sealed to current wife

Las Vegas - Told my wife we'd do dinner and a show while in Vegas :)

Will be in Hawaii in March, may attend a session there.

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Denver Colorado

Provo Utah

Nauvoo, IL (at the open house before it was dedicated)

Here are the ones I've seen from the outside, but not inside:

Portland Oregon (my favorite)

San Diego California

Las Vegas Nevada

Mesa Arizona

almost all the temples in Utah

Idaho Falls Idaho

Rexburg Idaho

Winter Quarters Nebraska

Washington DC

New York City (Manhattan)

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Lessee, hmm...

Salt Lake—own endowment

Cardston, Alberta, Canada—sealed to my Jacquie

Provo—elder daughter's endowment

Logan—visiting relatives

Las Vegas—practically lived there for a week while on a military assignment, nothing to do in Las Vegas

Jordan River—eldest son's sealing

Oakland—three children were sealed there

Denver—two sons' sealings

Ogden—no particular reason

Laie, Hawai`i—on vacation

Zollikoffen, (Berne) Switzerland—military assignment in Italy

Atlanta—military assignment to Ft Benning

Manti—first time I officiated for baptisms

Los Angeles—another week-long military assignment, and the Temple was across the street from the "base".

Mesa (I think, it was years ago when we visited relatives in Arizona—they lived a block from the Temple)

There was a time when one could visit all of the Temples throughout the world. 'Tain't nobody can do that now.


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Hamilton, New Zealand: Own endowment and current regular attendance.

Sydney, Australia: Sealed to my wife.

Melbourne, Australia: because we were there.

Manila, Philippines: Did some work for my wife's family.

And from the outside only:

Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jordan River, Utah.

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Do Sikh temples count? I must not travel enough. Or perhaps I don't go to places with temples.

Seattle, Vancouver, Cardston, LA, Provo, Salt Lake.

haha! I forgot I saw the Salt Lake Temple from a distance. Love the Vancouver Temple design, hope this one will look like it!

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Lessee, hmm...

Zollikoffen, (Berne) Switzerland—military assignment in Italy

Atlanta—military assignment to Ft Benning


Wow...I was sealed in Berne Switzerland because we joined the Church while living in Germany, in the Army.

Went to Atlanta dedication because I was serving at Fort Benning at the time. The rest of the time at Atlanta because i am from Atlanta. The oldest house in Fulton County sits a mile from the Temple which was built by my family in 1813, I also found a picture of a family reunion that took place around 1870 for my family on the very Temple site.

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... There was a time when one could visit all of the Temples throughout the world. 'Tain't nobody can do that now.


Well, they could, but they'd have to be loaded and have lots of free time on their hands! (Aaaah, how would it be? ;))

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As a Patron...

Portland, OR

Boise, ID

Salt Lake City


St. George

Jordan River


Los Angeles (in person)

Winter Quarters (via satellite in our Stake Center, which was closed to all but those with special recommends for the dedication)


I grew up in Rialto and San Bernardino... graduated from Berdoo in '58.

The fact that there is a temple in Redlands amazes me... and Newport for that matter.

from the beach on the most beautiful sunny morning... bright blue sky, beautiful billowy clouds... can it be that spring is on the way at last. Not only will my garden bloom, but so will I after the long winter's rest...


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Salt Lake

Jordan River




St George

Washington DC

Tokyo Japan (This one was interesting doing a Japanese session not speaking Japanese)

Out side



San Diego

Day Break



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Cardston, Idaho Falls, SLC, Bountiful, Oquirrer (sp?), West Jordan, Mt. Timp, Provo, Manti, Mesa, Los Angelos, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas, Nauvoo, Palmyra, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington DC, Toronto, Hawaii. (I travelled a lot on business for several years and went everywhere they existed. When all the temples announced, knew I'd never make my dream of every one.)

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St. George

Salt Lake


Dallas (dedication)

Buenos Aires (dedication)



Jordan River

Washington, D.C.


Idaho Falls


San Diego

Los Angeles

Mt. Timp

Oquirrh Mtn.

San Antonio (dedication; Pres Hinckley's medical shadow in the temple)

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I was able to attend the open house for the Memphis, TN Temple. That is the only one I have been in, but that was also before it was opened for use.

I did see the Temple at Salt Lake, when my wife and I did a trip out west, but of course I could not enter it.

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