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Is Mitt Romney'S Candidacy Part Of 'The Eternal Plan' Of The Mormon Church?


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Mitt's the "One Mighty and Strong," huh? :huh: Who knew? ;):D

P.S.: We Mormons should be informed that voting for Mitt is a theological imperative. Call it the 11th Commandment. No doubt the First Presidency will issue a letter to be read in Sacrament Meeting any week now! ;)

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O.M.G. Who is this Sally Denton? And was this article intended to be science fiction or comedy? Because it is so full of, ahem, that it is certainly couldn't have been written as non-fiction.

What the heck is the Cougar Club at BYU? The Mormon/BYU equivalent of Skull and Bones?

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Moody seems to have an interesting perspective on the faith, Denton doesn't mention that he's an antimormon now (anyone who uses the phrase "I chugged the Mormon Kool Aid" has an anti agenda in my view....he also posts part of the temple ceremony on the page about his book so be warned):

From his website which I am not linking to because it has temple content on it:

His book, Mitt - Set Our People Free is a controversial, but fact-based (and extensively end-noted) extension of a private correspondence they exchanged in the late 1990s after Romney went to Salt Lake City to lead the Olympics Committee.

Mike Moody's book, Mitt - Set Our People Free, is an open letter challenging Mitt Romney to come to terms with his oft-changing political views, his candidacy for a position that requires independence - rather than devotion to an outside cause - and to think about what it means for a man who has sworn a sacred blood-oath to the Mormon Church and it's "Living Prophet" to also swear a sacred oath to preserve, protect and defend the U. S. Constitution … especially when those two oaths might be at odds.

"I chugged the Mormon Kool Aid, prayed earnestly, and committed to help our generation of Mormon men save the world. A major Mormon prophecy about a White Horse and America remained unfulfilled. Like previous generation of Mormons, we were reared to believe the US Constitution needed saving, and the LDS Church would do it. We knew our reward, because of primordial valiance, was a chance to play major roles in the ensuing end day events. Jesus and "God the Father" had told the prophets, and patriarchs had told us personally."

"That the US Constitution is in eminent danger and will "hang by a thread as fine as silk fiber" in the latter days before the LDS Church rides to its rescue is a continually restated claim beginning with Joseph Smith and persisting through every subsequent Mormon generation. The Church Priesthood holders will swoop in like knights to save the Constitution then set it aside to reestablish the theocratic Kingdom created by Joseph Smith and nearly perfected by Brigham Young."

"The stated plan is to pave the way for the political Kingdom of God and Joseph Smith's version of the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. This belief was made public by Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch, during his run for President, when he said that, despite one of the most prosperous times in American history, the Church might need to step in to fill the breech should America collapse. Your own father, Mitt, also expressed the Mormon White Horse Prophecy in a similar comment decades earlier."

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O.M.G. Who is this Sally Denton? And was this article intended to be science fiction or comedy? Because it is so full of, ahem, that it is certainly couldn't have been written as non-fiction.

She's a nutter who sees conspiracies in every conversation between two Mormons. She wrote American Massacre, a re-imagining of the MMM in which no Paiutes participated and Brigham personally oversaw it.

She now appears to be the chosen voice of the loony left in countering the Mormon threat. After all, she's an expert on the subject; in fact, she may even have met a Mormon once.

The anti-Mormon nut brigade seem to be increasingly fixated on the so-called "White Horse" prophecy. I heard about it in the 1970's as being of doubtful authenticity.



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A letter is too public. Remember, we are trying to keep this secret. We will get a text message directly to the implants in our brain. You know, the ones we recieved at baptism.

I'll have to make sure mine is properly calibrated! ;)

P.S.: Which model of The Chip did you have implanted? Do you have the XL3000, or the XL3000A?

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