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My Son Baptized A Descendant Of Joseph Smith…He Is Excited.

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You may remember my son Caleb was transferred to a small town and was bummed out about it. I told him to remember how his sister felt when sent to Rangeley Colorado, (at that time in the “Denver North Mission” is was called the “armpit of the mission, by a bunch of young people). But it turned out to be her favorite area and she made lifelong friends. My son later married someone from Vernal UT, and went flight school there in Rangeley.

Now my son loves the area he is in and fears being transferred. They have had two recent baptisms in a place where very few happen and he was able to baptize a 14 year old kid they found knocking doors (Saturday) who is a direct descendant of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

You just never know what will happen. I am not going to give the name of the city because I have stalkers who read here and comment elsewhere.

Cool stuff though! Just 11 more months and he will be home.

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