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Newt Has The Same Problem Perry Had.


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Mormons, he said, were 'very honourable people, very clean-married, godly, family' and their faith had 'been doctored up and painted nicely.' But the 'problem is ....

Funny how we can double talk like this. So mormons were - past tense - godly, I wonder what happened that mormons became ungodly,.

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Of course the Mormon faith has nothing to do with this election, wink-wink. This is all about Speaker G, his unblemished history of superb leadership, steady management, and his being an outsider to the Washington elite. The citizenry of this great nation are completely fair to all people regardless of religion or color. More important, we know the SBC, the largest voting block int he south, is completely neutral on the LDS faith.

We just don't talk about the elephant in the room when Romney walks in the door.

On the other hand, the last few weeks could not have been more poorly managed by R and his team.

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