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Brought Down An Armed Robber…With Rudolph’S Help?

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As many you know I live in a small town just west of Atlanta. I live in close proximity to a very large and spacious pasture land. Deer graze in this field, and because it is within our city limits they never have to worry about being hunted. So in the evenings or morning I can stand and watch 4 or five deer standing in my yard. This of course drives the dogs crazy, but they are in fenced in areas and cannot reach them. If you do not approach them they will just graze look up and continue. I sometimes take my granddaughters out to their Mom’s car, and we will just stand about 8 feet away and they look for “Rudolph”. It has become so common place my five year old granddaughter Addie, looks as says “Rudolph is not there”! (rather “matter-of fact”).

Yesterday morning it took on a whole new and dark meaning. My dog woke me up barking…knowing it was the deer I walked in the front room to watch them and this time I did not turn on the tree like I usually do. I then noticed not a Deer but a criminal breaking into cars along our street. I called 911 and just watched him, I could see his was young so I thought about just confronting him myself (In hopes of frightening him into reconsidering that path his life was taking at that moment). He was not breaking windows he would only rob the cars that were unlocked. But 911 was stay on the line until the police arrive so you can tell them where he is…I did so and he was arrested.

Turns out he was armed. Had a stolen car up the street that he took from a town 60 miles away and drove it to our neighborhood, in which he lived nearby to rob closer to home. The police said this way he could just walk away from the car if noticed.

What a way to start the week.

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