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Usps Email Scam "Undeliverable Package"


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Just got this scam, apparently an email virus is being sent around in an email alleging to be from the Postal Service. You are to click on the attachment to print up a label and then go down to the unidentified office to fix things up.

Of course the thing to do is just delete the email. Anything coming from the government with no identification numbers etc is obviously a fraud but at this time ofvyear when one is worrying about delivery, I can see people clicking before thinking.

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Sadly, many of these are focused on those who have little expertise with computers/email/cyber bullies. A good sister in my ward almost lost her home and bank account because a "sleeze-bag" used her loneliness to get access to her accounts. Fortunately, a son discovered the plot and was able to stop things before they became dangerous. Watch out. MW

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