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Mom I'M Dating A Mormon


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There's a forthcoming Internet reality series coming out in January of next year, representing a culture clash of sorts when an LDS bachelor dates a non-Mormon bachelorette from the eastern U.S. Here's a brief description from the website:

"Mom, I'm Dating a Mormon" follows Jazmyn—a girl from South Jersey—as she plunges herself into Mormon culture while dating a guy from Utah. Unlike the fictional shows Big Love on HBO and the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, "Mom, I'm Dating a Mormon" is a real story about real people, unscripted, and for the first time lets you experience what it's like to date a Mormon.

Brad, one of the cast member Rich's friends, is a personal friend of mine from the mission field. It's a small world in Mormondom.

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Any time someone advertises a reality show that highlights "Mormon characters" I cringe at the inevitable fallout.

I also cringed at John and Kate + 8 and the Duggards because of the quirky portrayal of large families. Having a large family I got lots of questions and funny looks during those shows. I tried to reassure people that we weren't going to divorce over a nanny or shun our oldest child if they had questions about their faith.


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Did the duggars shun their oldest child over questions of faith? I'm out of the loop when it comes to that show.

I shouldn't have used the word "shunned" it is too strong. There was a rift between her and the family because she made some decisions they didn't agree with.

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MEA CULPA ALERT! The TLC featured family the Jeubs were the one's with an estranged oldest daughter who had a child out of wedlock. This was not the Dugger family. (I was uncomfortable with my memory and looked it up).

My apologies.

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Any guesses on how many episodes before the Mormon kid ends up compromising/rejecting the values the Church teaches?

"Reality TV" strikes me as inherently unwholesome.

Well, it's produced by active, believing Latter-day Saints with the ultimate purpose of debunking some of the misunderstandings the public has about Mormonism. It's not a unique concept. This is precisely what is going on with TLC's All-American Muslim, which follows Muslim families living in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Perhaps that is because the majority of "real Life" is unwholesome

I choose not to subject the unwholesome bits of my family life to an audience of millions in exchange for cash.

But perhaps I'm just jealous no one has offered me the opporunity.

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Since when is reality tv a reflection of real life?

Its not, reality TV filters out anything that isn't dramatic, antagonistic, shocking, sensational, controversial, or otherwise "entertaining"

After all, all that “wholesome” stuff is bad for ratings.

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So far, I have a family of ... um ... one. Since I'm a Mormon, however, even with my lack of family size, my life will automatically make for scintillating, must-see TV. Anybody have any contact information for network or cable execs so I can pitch my idea to them??? :D:rofl:

P.S.: "Mom, There's No Way I'm Dating That Mormon!" ;):rofl:

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We don't have a TV.

I'll bet yer really smart, then, Son! They don't call 'em "idiot boxes" fer nuthin'! ;)

P.S.: At any rate, did I read that right ... that this particular show will be Web cast? (Not, of course, that the Internet is any better ...)

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