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But Seriously, Thank You For Being Here


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I sought out a polite forum in which to ask my one lone question which I'm still waiting patiently to be able to ask about because the intense and immediate trolling which any of my Mormon-related questions always earned me in the religion/ethics subforum of a political site I visit.

So I'm glad you're here.

And I understand the 25 post waiting period. Good way to make sure people are serious about being nice.

I'm feeling a little impious right now. But I'm nice.

No fears.

And maybe after I ask that one question I'll think of some more.

This might be it for me for today. Have a lovely tomorrow. -a


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Hehe... questions!!! (Plus twenty more exclamation points)

Welcome Amelia =).

Just so you know, though you can't start a new topic, you can reply to topics in the other forum.

In addition, if you have a really good topic that can't be responded to in here, I'll post it in the main forum for you, if necessary.

Hope things go well for you =).


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