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Scouts Canada Kept Secret List Of Sex Abusers


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Pretty smarmy LDST,the program has a lot of value. The Scouts Canada and BSoA seem to have made an effort to restrict access to kids by those who have shown even the appearance of improper behavior. Imagine the cries from the ACLU and its Canadian counterparts

because someone is restricted from such flimsy "evidence". Now there are those who want an investigation based solely on a name on a list.

Personally,I think that the Scouting program could be dropped and save the Church a lot of money.Scouting could still be a voluntary part of a young man's program if so desired.

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Need I remind everyone what the inspired program for Young Men is in the church, both in Canada and the USA (and yes, the BSOA kept their own list, too).


Sooooooooo...... what say ye? Still inspired?


Geez, that is an odd question! So, we have had sinners in all forms of government; does that mean we should disregard all forms of self-governance? We have had sinners serve as bishops; does that mean we should never have bishops or that the office is not inspired? I can appreciate a skeptical mind, but you are way out there in a very narrow world of shallowness.

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