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Lra Good Or Bad?


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This is a thread about the increasing amount of religious persections going on right now - NOT a political thread.

Any RM's out there that know anything about the LRA?

Here is a vid of the guy the US army is now hunting:


Joseph Kony in the above vid claims he has been set up by a corrupt gov.... and the gov is corrupt...

The LRA was formed in 1987 - one year after "political parties were restricted in their activities" For a country where you cannot "hold rallies" etc. etc. elections are corrupt, the current "president" now in power 24 years running - who changed the constitution so he did not have to step down etc. etc. it just seems like false info could easily be spread to make people fear the one group who might actually stand up against the corruption there...

"Attacks on political freedom in the country, including the arrest and beating of opposition Members of Parliament, has led to international criticism, culminating in May 2005 in a decision by the British government to withhold part of its aid to the country. The arrest of the main opposition leader Kizza Besigye and the besiegement of the High Court during a hearing of Besigye's case by heavily armed security forces – before the February 2006 elections – led to condemnation"...

"Political parties were restricted in their activities from 1986, in a measure ostensibly designed to reduce sectarian violence. In the non-party "Movement" system instituted by Museveni, political parties continued to exist, but they could only operate a headquarters office. They could not open branches, hold rallies, or field candidates directly (although electoral candidates could belong to political parties). A constitutional referendum canceled this nineteen-year ban on multi-party politics in July 2005. Additionally, the time limit for president was changed in the constitution from the two-term limit, in order to enable the current president to continue in active politics....

Uganda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

so today the US sent troops to Uganda to wipe out this resistance movement:


so... what is your take on this? Is the LRA evil or good? believe mainstream media? Uganda gov propoganda? or youtube vids of the guy?

and what is your take on all the other Christian persecution that is going on right now?

Prison Planet.com » Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department

Egypt Christians Meet Military Leaders to Discuss Peace and Compromise, Christian News

Sunday's brutal clashes in Cairo saw at least 26 killed and more than 200 injured. Thousands of Coptic Christians earlier joined a funeral procession Monday to mourn their dead.

Christians had gathered on Sunday to protest against the burning of a Coptic church in Southern Aswan which took place on Sept. 30. The burning was carried out allegedly by local hard-line Muslims who claimed the church did not have the license for the construction of a dome.

Although intended to be peaceful, violence broke out when military personnel commenced a crackdown on Sunday's protest.

Mourners are blaming the Egyptian army for the high death toll, arguing that the Christian march on Sunday was absolutely peaceful until the military started a crackdown. The ensuing clashes reportedly saw Islamic extremists join the attacks against the Christians, and even saw a military vehicle driven directly into crowds of protesters....

I'm confused - we go into places like Afghanistan, and now there are no Christians there? who are we helping?

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I'm confused - we go into places like Afghanistan, and now there are no Christians there? who are we helping?

you need to be careful when reading "news" from infowars and prison planet....

here is the the cnsnews article

According to the State Department report, the United States continues to promote religious freedom in Afghanistan--even though the country no longer has even one Christian church.

“The U.S. government regularly discusses religious freedom with government officials as part of its overall policy to promote human rights,” according to the report.

According to the State Department report, more than 99 percent of the population, estimated between 24 and 33 million people, is either Sunni (80 percent) or Shia (19 percent) Muslim. Non-Muslim religious groups, including the estimated 500 to 8,000 strong Christian community in the country, make up less than 1 percent of the population.

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