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Fasting And Diabetes


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I personally don't have diabetes but I would strongly advise against fasting if you have it. My dad has it now and he can't fast because he just has to eat and I saw a man pass out who has it and was fasting which obviously created quite the sensation in sacrament meeting

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We had a member of our Bishopric in South Carolina who had serious diabetes. He tried to fast against his doctors advice and ended up giving very interesting and long testimonies when his blood sugar got low.

He was advised by the Bishop to have an attitude of fasting but not to pass up the food he needed to stay healthy.

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I have diabetes and do not fast. I wish I could but it makes me very dizzy and not feeling so good. When I was in college I tried fasting but it made me so sick my friends, nonmembers, told me that God knows I want to but He isnt going to like me doing something that was, obviously, not good for me.

It was and is good advice. Keeping an attitude of fasting sounds like a very good idea. :D

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Daughter has diabetes type 1. Best not to fast for two meals, even one is pushing it, but depending on how you give yourself insulin you might manage it...though I wouldn't drive or operate heavy machinery, etc.

If you take a long acting insulin, no go, you have to feed that no matter what. If you just take a short acting insulin in response to highs or at meals, you can allow yourself to run a bit high as a safety measure and of course if you don't eat don't take insulin for that. If you are on the pump (I will kiss the inventor if I ever meet him)' you can lower your basal rate, etc. Key would be to test quite frequently especially your first time and afterwards if you are not sensitive to dropping to make adjustments or to catch lows before they get dangerous.

Is it worth the brain cells?

However, a better choice in my opinion is to choose something else to fast with, such as a 24 hour fast of the computer and other electronics.

If you are serious about fasting with food, I would find a diabetes support group/message board and ask there. Much more likely to have experience with it.

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Have it, been there, done it and my advice is DON'T do it.

I agree, it is something that one can do, but I've never gotten the idea that fasting was meant to be done at the risk of your health, it should only be done safely and I don't see that as something that can be guaranteed (you can never predict 100% how your body is going to react to insulin, for one thing).
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There are plenty of church supported documents and articles about medicial conditions and fasting and how its ok not to fast, especially when its supported by a doctors advice. I have Type-2, but most of the time my ADHD medication helps control the diabetes. But the right kind of food is nessesary to regulate the ADHD medication. Its complex enough to manage on its own without throwing a wrench in the whole thing. The fact is, there are times when I have to just leave (church or work) because of ADHD or diabetic symtoms. Its better that I stay. So I dont fast anymore. Life is much better and church is more enjoyable. When you think about it, one of the reasons why we fast in general is for us to understand control. Is there anybody better at control than someone who has diabetes and manages it well?

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I have insulin dependent diabetes.. Do any of you have diabetes and experience with fasting.

Any suggestions?

I'm pretty sure you are allowed to eat for health reasons on fast sunday and God is okay with it. You can always eat as little as possible, and don't brag about it to the other ward members.

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Let me think about it.

I fasted for the first time in years last Sunday for a special purpose, but modified it with some raisons to keep my blood glucose up. I would think it is possible if I use sensible precautions. It doesn't have to be 100% to be effective.

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In fact D&C is quite clear that the sick do not need to fast.

Yes, but I think the Lord expects us to use wisdom, to be clever as snakes.

Obviously a complete fast is not possible but I think we can make relatively minor adjustments and still follow the spirit of fasting. The Lord does not require me to go to the temple every week, but I can follow my individual circumstance of being close to the temple to do that.

Anyway, I think I have been using my diabetes as an excuse. I was hoping for ideas on how to do this safely. As the "Man of La Macha" said about his duties as a knight, "This is not just a duty, it is a privilege."

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I would suggest that you refraim from any food or drink which are not necessary for your health. Don't eat junk food or soda, and then focus on the fast as a faith biulding experiences. Focus on the Spirit of the Law of Fast and not the Written.

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as others have said, perhaps eat things you otherwise don't like and only eat the minimum necessary to keep your blood sugar stable. The idea behind fasting is denying your physical body as a sign of sacrifice and a demonstration of spiritual control over the physical body.

good luck and God bless.

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