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They'Re Singing "Praise To The Man" At Conference (This Should Annoy The Antagonists))

Scott Lloyd

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Indication that this wonderful tribute to the Prophet still has a great deal of popularity among the saints.

And I love how lustily the Primary children are singing it!

"This should annoy the antagonists": That was my very first thought when this song choice was announced!



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Isn't praise to the man set to the Scottish Bagpipe music that the Scots used to taunt the Brits with as a rally cry?

So the British outlawed the bagpipes and started cutting off the hands of bagpipe players as punishment?

I'm unacquainted with the above history, but I do know that "Praise to the Man" and "Scotland the Brave" are based on the same folk melody.

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This is that history I was thinking about... Not the same song.

1470: Early story of piper bravery: Coll Kitto (left handed Coll) , a raider from Ireland planned to take the Islay castle Dunivaig. His piper, part of the advanced party, was the only one left alive after an ambush by the Campbells. Captured, he warned the main party by playing laments to honor his fallen comrades “We Are In Their Hands”, and “Leave The Cattle”. His efforts earned him a dirk in the ribs. The Campbell Chief knew the p’broch as well. A similar story, the Piper of Duntroon, has the MacDonalds attacking Duntroon Castle in Argyll in 1644. Same story line, similar ending. The Piper had his hands cut off, and can still be heard playing today, in ghostly fashion. His bones were unearthed at Duntroon Castle in a 1992 renovation..... minus his hands.


However, Joseph Smith being from Scottish background, I couldn't think of a better Song to honor him with.

Oh wait, He was Irish not scottish.

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