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Hi Tao,

Thanks for sharing this. I took a few notes too, not as extensively & more on Uchtdorf than all the rest combined.

Uchtodorf often explains things in a way that really resonates with me... even brings me to tears.

Some points I want to remember from his talk...

Adversarial obstacles...

1. Puffed up/conceit... What's truly of value is not what world values. (This reminds me of a NDE where a guy who was successful by worldly standards realized simple acts of love were his true spiritual successes.)

2. Discouragement... If we do our best in good causes, things will work out. The Lord uses a different scale than the world, to weigh the worth of souls.

When we're feeling discouraged, insignificant, alone or forgotten... remember:

1. God loves the humble & meek

2. God chooses the weak & simple to proclaim the gospel

3. God is very aware of you & your love, & acts of kindness

4. You'll feel better... have hope & faith, become a faithful disciple of God in word & deed. God sees your potential & worth.

P.S. Tao, the brother is Jose Alonso.

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Actually, I missed General RS... but I'll read it when it comes out.

A few thoughts that stood out for me in the 2pm session...

Ardern - (I wonder where he's from - cool accent!)... Use time wisely - be master (not servant) of your pursuits, esp. online. (ha ha)

Cook - He was feeling & looking down when someone came into elevator & said, "What are you looking at?" It was Pres. Monson who added, "It's better to look up." As we do, we'll cheer up & God wants us to be happy.

Christopherson - Only repentance (which IMO is correcting thinking & related feelings & behavior) leads to sunlit uplands of a better life.

Perry - In sharing testimony (which IMO includes deeper symbolic meanings not always discussed in church)... Be bold! Have hope, feast on God's word (good news/ new perspectives IMO), speak up in 2 way conversations, don't be afraid, don't argue. Share in love & courage.

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Today's conference talk notes:

President Monson's, Eyering's, and Hale's talks were really good imo =). I have always really loved that story President Monson told about the guy who he announced as being the speaker before he arrived there =D.

Brother Henry B Eyering

-Promises to God include Charitable, Faithful, Witnesses to God

-As you serve others, God will let you feel his love

-Stand up for you beliefs through service to others

-Don't be afraid to show your beliefs of God; use the Book of Mormon as an example

-Serve until the end, with the courage to keep going on

-Be perfected in Christ, deny all your ungodliness, and love God with all your heart, mind, and strength

-Full conversion is something we should seek for

-Read the Book of Mormon deeply, for it will fufill it's promises, and give you hope and a witness of Christ

Brother Robert B Hales

-Atonement summarized in 'not my will, but thine, be done'

-Exercise agency to wait upon the Lord, and carry out the Father's will

-We need to exercise agency to follow the prophet, even when we don't see the end

-The purpose of life on earth is to grow, to develop, and to be strengthened by our own experiences

-We should wait upon the Lord

-No matter how difficult our circumstance, all of our trials will be for our own good

-To wait is to have faith and trust, to be patient and to endure till the end

-As we follow the Holy Spirit, we learn to keep strong in patience until we rest from all of our afflictions

-We must wait upon the merits of Christ

-All of our afflictions will work together for our good

-Sincere prayer is answered somehow, somewhere; it may be a long time (even a very long time), but the the answers will come

-God's blessings are eternal, not temporary

-"In as much as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me."

-Each one of us is more beloved to the Lord then we can understand or imagine

-We become Saints through Christ's atonement, willing to submit to all things the Lord sees willing to submit upon us, even as a child submits unto his Father

Brother Tant R Collister

-The Book of Mormon is either of God, or it is a fraud; there isn't a middle ground

-C. S. Lewis said that the same could be said of the divinity of God - he either was divine, or a madman

-We know the Book of Mormon is true because Satan will not try and divide his kingdom

-If God who is unchangeable spoke in ancient times, he will speak in modern times

Sister Elaine S Dalton

-Be a good example for your daughters/sons, so that way they will values their womanhood/priesthood

-By being a good example, your daughter/son will learn what type of spouse they should look for

-Fathers, preside over your families in love and righteousness; it is your duty to protect and guide your family

-Fathers need to be virtuous, and to be present in their daughter's life; fathers need to be dedicated to their daughters, and not just their sons

-Look for ways to share your testimony with your daughters, be a good role model for them

Brother M Russell Ballard

-This church is the same church as the one Jesus established in his mortal ministry, restored in the Latter Days

-We need to be willing to let others know who we follow, and to which church we belong to

-We should let our church be known by the name of Jesus Christ; we should let people know we are Christians

-We should call ourselves 'members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

Brother Thomas S Monson

-The adage 'do what you want' is incorrect

-Society has been spending its moral capital with the same reckless abandon it has been spending its monetary capital

-Don't wring your hands in despair because of this societal change; we have the gosepl of Jesus Christ; we know we are responsible for our actions

-God is unchangelabel; in a changing world, his constancy is something which upon we can rely

-There is no greater joy than the spiritual rejoicing when we follow the savior and keep the commandments of God

-We must reject anything which does not conform to our standards

-The storms will still be there, but we will be better equipped to deal with them, and overcome them, if we have the gospel and love of Christ in our hearts

-Be in the world but not of the world; prayer is important, communicate with God, "watch and pray always, lest ye enter into temptation"

-"Whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name, that is right, ye shall recieve"

-Don't let a day go by without communicating with your father in heaven; work twoards it as a goal, and you will be intitled to inspiritation and happiness in your life

-Trust in the inspiration God gives you, even if it does not seem possible.

-Being worthy to recieve inspiration, and then trusting it, is a very important and wonderful gift God would give to us if we should just pray.

-If we seek God, we will recieve his spirit in our lives, helping us in all of our trials

-Remember 'To those who trust in him, fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God'

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Loved this session. Wonderful talks. Made me truly appreciate the GA's.

I was listening before Conference started to a BYU Devotional address by Thomas Monson talking about prophets he knew. I'd heard it a couple of times before but love his description of the prophets. In announcing him the person presiding talked about his many accomplishments, including graduating Magna Cum Laude. These men are educated and experienced and yet so humble and spiritual.

Joseph Smith was not so refined and educated but he educated himself, setting the example for continually learning and growing.

Also loved Sis. Dalton's talk. I believe very strongly that father's are the key to daughters having healthy relationships.

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2nd Sunday Session Notes. There is one person missing, if you have any notes on him, that'd be great!

Thanks =D.

Brother Russel M Nelson

-Sacred Covenants are an important part of our religion; they are a sacred promise with God

-We are inheritors of the sacred covenants of the covenant people

-Prophets of long ago knew the covenant would only be fufilled in the latter days

-Some of us are literal seeds of Abraham, others have been adopted; the Lord makes no differences

-We must obey the law of the covenant in order to recieve the blessings

-This is the time of the promised gathering of Israel

-The book of Mormon is for the convincing of the Jew and Gentile

-The church has been established to bless all people of the earth

-We obtain everlasting life by making a covenant and keeping the covenant through obedience to God's commandments

-Partaking of the sacrament renews our covenant

-We must take on the name of Jesus Christ in order to become the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ

-The covenant of a celestial mairrage is the covenant of exaltation, and of and eternal family

Brother Dallan H Oaks

-Jesus is the divine son of God

-Jesus is the light and life of the world

-His teachings light the way in mortal life and lead us back to the Father

-Only those who do the will of the Father in Heaven will enter into Heaven, the place of the Father

-We do the will of the Father by hearing Christ, and following him

-The comforter guides us in all things that Christ wishes us to do

-"He who has the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who stirreth the hearts of men to contend, one with another."; Contention is not Christ's doctrine

-Live off of the living bread, the bread of heaven, and you will live forever

-No unclean thing will enter into the kingdom of Heavenly Father; only those who have the faith to wash their garments in the blood of Christ will be able to obtain such

Brother Matthew O Richardson

-Our ability to become "real" depends upon being able to teach others effectively

-The Holy Ghost teaches individuals in a very peronal way - we must know truth for ourselves

-The Holy Spirit can invite, but it does not act for us; we must use our agenyc to choose to foolow it

-Don't become discouraged with your progress; rather than focus on how much farther you have to go, look at how far you've come

-Teach based on the spirit; become real parents, real teachers, real leaders, and real learners

Brother Kazuhiko Yamashita

-Missionaries are very appreciated around the world

-Converts do not forget the misionaries that helped them find the gospel

-Being enveloped in the Holy Spirit gives us a full knowledge that God loves us

-(To the missionaries around the world) The love you show others is very important and show the truth of your message, even if not understood completely

-Actions invite the spirit, and the spirit allows us to understand the things that are important

-Bring a desire to share the gospel ad a kove for others on your mission

-Be willing to go to those who want your message on your mission; they are waiting for you

-Continue to be missionaries, and act like disciples of Christ

Brother Randall K Bennett

-Choice is an important part of life; we may not get all options, but we will get a choice

-When we fully repent, we can recieve a full forgiveness and have our sins forgotten and remembered no more

-Through Jesus Christ, we can recieve a fullness of joy

Brother J Devn Cornish

-Sorry, I missed this one, if any of you have notes, that'd be awsome! Thanks =).

Brother Quentin L Cook

-Our principles allows us to face tragedy with faith and confindence that there is a better future in store

-Our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ understands our trials perfectly

-Jesus Christ will compensate for all unfairness in life

-Agency can be used for evil, but lessons should be learned from it, rather than revenge sought

-As long as we learn from a tribulation, we have succeeded

-Thank the Lord for the blessings and tender mercies the Lord has come unto our lives

-We are the subjects of a host of blessings; have a spirit of gratitutde for what we have

-Happy endings may not come in mortality, but with righteousness, happy endings will come in the eternities

-Trials are not an evidence of a lack of faith; the refiner's fire is real, and they perfect and purify us, preparing us for what Father has prepared for us

-All trials will be for thy good; fear not for God will be with you forever and ever if you are righteouss

-God allows the righteouss to be slain so that God may hold judgement on the wickid

-Nothing can stop the determined resolve of a soul; though this may not work for all challenges in eternity, it will be true in the eternities

-The atonement will provide lifeboats for everyone; it covers all unfairness and challenges

-Don't dwell on the missed oppurtunities because of such trials and problems; through the wise and clear lens of the gospel, we know of the eternal reward promised by Christ and his gospel plan

Brother Thomas S Monson

-Our Heavenly Father is mindful of us

-Gratitude is expressed to those who have served in the church

-God will bless us as we strive to keep his commandments and seek him through prayers

-How blessed we are to have the gospel of Jesus Christ; it gives us answers - meaning, purpose, and hope to our lives

-You are God's hands here on this Earth; thank you for all of your serice here, in your positions; each is important; every single one

-May the spirit which was shared here go with us every day

-May we be found doing the work of the Lord; may we be found with love; may we have a testimony of the Lord always

-We are all in this together; and every man, woman, and child has a part to play; May God gives us the strength, ability, and determination to play our part well

-God guides this church upon this Earth

-God loves us and he is personal and real; he is willing to go far to help us; he is willing to do so much for us; may his promised peace be with you always

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Thank you, Tao, for the wonderful summary notes...

Incidentally, I would never have recognized Elder Hales... he obviously is/has been ill and I assume his meds have caused his appearance...


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