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I might also add, you should not mention being pregnant until after week 7 or 8.

Do not get sucked into the expense of parenthood.

The $20 highchair from IKEA works better then the $175 highchair from Baby's R US. Use craigslist to get second hand toys, car seats, , clean them with bleach.

Bumbos are a great item to get second hand, changing tables, car seats, strollers - our $40 stroller works better for us than the $200 stroller we returned.

Basically save you money for big items, get everything else second hand.

You are not a bad parent for being frugile or thrifty. (I got a jogging stroller for $26 at a thrift shop worked great)

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Ignore frankenstein! If you aren't spending thousands of dollars on items your baby will need for only a few months until he or she grows out of them, then you are a bad parent!


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