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Transgendered Children


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What happened during history with these children? I would expect some may have attempted to dress up in the other gender's clothing and found various responses: 1) the family did not have enough clothing to have an extra pair of clothing to use and the child simply gave up, 2) They found the dirty pair that was available, but found it stank so badly as to make the whole process so unpleasant as to never attempt it again, 3) upon trying to put their mother's dress on the father smacked up upside the head and sent them out to clean out the barn and never game them the time to think about it again, 4) It was a passing thought, but they were starving so much they never gave it another thought.

Some of these responses are obviously tongue-in-cheek; however, I do think that most of our "ills" we have today are a reflection of having too much leisure time, too much luxury, too much of too much. People create an inordinate number of things to worry about, think about, whine about, etc. Our standard of living is so high that our citizenry can while away their days whining, protesting, complaining, etc.

It is strange where western societies have problems that third world nations never encounter. Their citizens never contemplated so many different things; why aren't more people in Africa depressed? Why do so few cases of multiple personalities disorders exist outside of the western world? No need to comment in an effort to not derail this thread.

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Is there such a thing? What does it mean? Here is the link that got me to thinking about this: http://www.cnn.com/2....html?hpt=hp_c2

Transgender is something that I don't really understand because there is no physical reason for it. It is completely psychological. I have a much easier time understanding intersexed children because there is a real, physical reason that they are confused about their gender--they are both! Transgender seems to be a real thing (ie: Chaz Bono), but I've never met anyone with it (that I know of) and seems to exist completely and solely in the mind of the person with it. It is absolutely not true that other cultures don't tolerate it. Some cultures do and simply treat them like a third gender or make a place for them in their religious thought. I really don't know how I would deal with it if I had a transgender child. It would be very difficult.

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