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Newbie - Can I Create A New Post?


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You have to have a certain number of posts in order to be able to create a new thread there.

What does the question happen to be? I might be willing to post a thread there for you, if it is a question that isn't easily answered.

Hope things are going well for you =).


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We just upgraded the site and lost our auto notify feature that new users get and I will get it back up as soon as I can.

New users can start posts in only in Social Hall but they can reply to threads in both the social hall, and general discussions. Once you get 25 posts you can create topics in general and social hall.


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OK, if someone would please post this or point me to an answer:

I'm looking for books, articles, etc about the United Order. How exactly will it work in the millennium? What will daily life in Zion be like in general?

Much thanks.

Kent Huff IIRC did two books at least on the United Order, I'll look for them for you.

These are likely more for historical interest though.

Here's a review: http://byustudies.by...aspx?title=7545

Amazon has some, but you might try some used LDS books bookstores as well.

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Also look in the Library section, though, beware, the threads will most likely be partially debates, so it won't exactly qualify as 'research'.

But it is still good for looking at =D. And the amount of obscure yet useful facts you can pick up in such threads is pretty cool, that it is =).

Also, Nemesis (and the Others) do a good job at picking which threads go in the Library, so while they won't be very 'researchy', they should cover the topics well.

Hope this helps =D.


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