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The New "Mormon Studies Review" Is Now Available

Daniel Peterson

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I'm happy to announce, somewhat belatedly -- sorry, I've been very busy -- that Mormon Studies Review 23/1 is off the press (though not quite yet on line). This is the FARMS Review, rechristened and quite thoroughly redesigned, but continuing the series volume numbers.

Here is the table of contents:

Daniel C. Peterson ""To Cheer, to Raise, to Guide': 22 Years of the FARMS Review"

Marilyn Arnold, "The Book of Mormon: Passport to Discipleship"

John E. Clark, "Revisiting 'A Key for Evaluating Nephite Geographies'"

Brant A. Gardner, "Nephi as Scribe"

Brian M. Hauglid, "A New Resource on the Book of Moses," review of In God's Image and Likeness: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the Book of Moses, by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

Gregory L. Smith, "Shattered Glass: The Traditions of Mormon Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Encounter Boyd K. Packer"

Paul J. Fields, G. Bruce Schaalje, and Matthew Roper, "Examining a Misapplication of Nearest Shrunken Centroid Classification to Investigate Book of Mormon Authorship," review of "Reassessing Authorship of the Book of Mormon," by Matthew L. Jockers, Daniela M. Witten, and Craig S. Criddle

Matthew Roper and Paul J. Fields, "The Historical Case against Sidney Rigdon's Authorship of the Book of Mormon," review of "Reassessing Authorship of the Book of Mormon," by Matthew L. Jockers, Daniela M. Witten, and Craig S. Criddle

Richard E. Bennett, "Raising Kane," review of "Liberty to the Downtrodden": Thomas Kane, Romantic Reformer, by Matthew J. Grow

Louis Midgley and Shirley S. Ricks, "Out of Obscurity: The Story of Nibley's 'Beyond Politics'"

Hugh Nibley, "Beyond Politics"

Noel B. Reynolds, "Out of the Mouths of Two or More Witnesses," review of Jesus and the Eye Witnesses, by Richard Bauckham

Louis Midgley, "Telling the Larger 'Church History' Story," review of Church History: A Crash Course for the Curious, by Christopher Catherwood


Book notes on Diarmaid Macculloch, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years; Kenneth J. Stewart, Ten Myths about Calvinism: Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition; John W. Welch and Donald W. Parry, eds., The Tree of Life: From Eden to Eternity; Nicholas Perrin and Richard B. Hays, Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright; N. T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God; and James P. Eckman, Exploring Church History: A Guide to History, World Religions, and Ethics.

If you're interested in getting a (beautiful) hard copy, give a call to 1-800-FARMS-15.

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