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Every Now And Then News Actually Lifts My Faith In Mankind...


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Also http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705390798/USU-motorcyclist-thankful-to-bystanders-for-gift-of-life.html

When Brandon's bike and the BMW collided, Wright became pinned under the car. His bike burst into flames, catching the car on fire. Bystanders quickly ran to help and began lifting the car to free him and one man then pulled him to safety.

"A lot of times things happen these days that shake our faith in humanity," Riggs said. "Not one person, not two people, (but) nearly a dozen people rushed together to a burning scene and lifted a thousand-pound car. That is absolutely incredible."

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That's a wonderful story! It is good to know that there are so many people who really do care..

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Someone made a comment in the paper about the strange behavior of the man in the suit (he stood around not helping). From what I've read elsewhere I believe he is the driver of the car who was described as being in shock...he looks in shock to me.Thankfully there were those already there who were able to step in and help, watching as their numbers grew with each failed attempt rather than giving up is inspiring.

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