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Study On Education Levels/Church Attendance


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While religious service attendance has decreased for all white Americans since the early 1970s, the rate of decline has been more than twice as high for those without college degrees compared to those who graduated from college, according to new research to be presented at the 106th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.
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That is interesting and belies the accusation that only ignorant rednecks are religious. I've always observed that most of the converts I've seen in the church have in fact been fairly well educated.

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Don't forget this study as well.

People tend to become less religious as they become more educated, right? Not necessarily, according to a new study.

After analyzing data from a large national survey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist Philip Schwadel found that people actually tend to become more religious - by some definitions, at least - as they further their education.

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I've noticed that whether someone is religious or not is often more of a question of self mastery and dedication rather than belief. Also, many people are just so beaten down by life that they just can't keep up with the demands of being religious. They believe, but their performance level drops as they get more afflictions.

People who become educated are generally successful people who haven't really been broken by life or bad health. Their earthly world is under control so what awaits them in the next world is a bigger concern. People who don't pay their tithing are often times the same people who can't pay their mortgage either. People who don't show up to Church are often the people who don't show up to class or even to their job.

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