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Another New Poem - Not Quite Done


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I’ve got a new poem I've been working on. I still don’t have a title yet and there some work to do on some of the rimes and concepts. But the overall concept is done. Any ideas or input would be good.


The faithful time; he dresses for Sunday.

Together leather & brush, his shoes he shines

and irons his shirt, no wrinkles yet!

He travels away to sacrament wearing his best.

He reminds himself to recommit on this day.

In his mind he repeats "Forgive and forget"

So that that he never wavers, gives up, or falls away,

He won’t forget. He prepares for the week of next.

Monday morning, it's cold outside.

But inside his heart, his chest,

lies the full charge, the spirits wrest.

It receives Him, guides, and directs.

He is silently connected, and at his best.

His example, the message sent to the sinner.

Even he detects, stopping the slide, feeling the better.

A second look, it’s like when we see the temple.

In awe we see its parts; marble, gates and mirrors.

Inspired are we foreigners and yet saints together

and abide in this world, this temple with one another.

We are one structure; its beams, lights, and mortar.

On earth we are millions strong with no hate in mind

We only sing hope & joyfully glimpse to see,

His kind love & why Christ died alone, nearly.

With only two Mary’s with him, he died for me.

He atoned for the sinner, drunk, rich and blind.

So that we can see, through his clear understanding.

That his love will dissolve the past; the chains of our grief

Into the fire they are cast, He miraculously sets us free

Then Christ organized the spirits dead, entering their grave

No longer they wait, so righteous they became, they taught

truth to those in body, and they listen and see, the joy of thee.

They are transfigured from foreigners, into one, they are we!

They influence the struggle of our journey, without the sword,

we push our cart with our sweat, and carry the word

and wear it on our heart. We travel the Journey sometimes alone

As pioneers, faithfully and sometimes bittersweet is our part.

But nothing has or will be compared

to Christ's birth & death; an earthly start.

Its right there, now the understanding shared

by Priesthood peers with the spirit in their hearts and on their chest.

The undiscovered country calls us, brings us here

The Spirit land of plenty with no earthly cares,

After we die, it’s just out of sight, yet here.

Everyone that has a mind and ever lived, instantly share.

What we know & believe in the past, we teach in life after.

Faithfully seek, busily inspire, to those on Sunday, to those here

So they will dress, recommit and prepare for the next

Thus the eternal cycle & Christ's truth will last, & live forever.

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